Last holiday, on 28th of December 2015 I spent my holiday at school because I got SP. On that day, I woke up 8.30 and left home at 10.45. I went to school with my laziness because I wasn’t ready for SP. I arrived at school at 11 o’clock. But on the first day, I came late because Pa Agus told me that class begun at 10 o’clock. He said that the SP begun on 11.30 when we got our report card. So I only attend the class for 30 minutes. Semester Pendek held until 30th of December 2015.


I didn’t celebrate new year partu on 31st December, so me and my family celebrate it on 3rd January 2016. We went to pizza hut in the evening. I oredered lasagna and vanilla milkshake. We ordered tuna melt pizza and meat lovers pizza. And we ate it together. We went home at 8.30 pm.


The next day, I spent my holiday at home because all my cousins start their first day of school. My holiday at home not boring, because I played games and watched korean drama, korean variety show, music show, etc. And for my lunch, my mom told me to bought Mc Donald because she didn’t cook for us.


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