Huainan City in China hosts one of the most unusual and beautiful buildings in China, the Piano House. This incredible structure was designed by Hefei University of Technology to commemorate advancements in Huainan City. The Piano and accompanying violin entrance are built on a true 50:1 scale, perhaps making them the largest to scale instruments in the world. The building has escalators, meeting rooms, and space to host weddings and other events. You will find tourists and locals lounging underneath the Piano on warm days taking advantage of the massive structures shadow. At night the piano and violin light up with fluorescent lighting outlining the structures.


The violin, made completely out of glass, serves as the entry to the house, linking the elevated piano to the ground. The piano portion of the house stands on three concrete legs and features a roof terrace beneath a canopy shaped like the piano’s open top.


It is unclear exactly why and for whom the house was built, but it has become a spectacle in Anhui province (located inland from Shanghai). Of course, meant to simulate instruments, the house itself probably wouldn’t make very pleasing sounds: windows cut into the body of the piano would render the reverberating chamber useless, while the vibrations from the violin’s strings might shatter the glass it’s made of.


Visitors gather in front of and below a piano-shaped building in Huainan





source :


Piano House




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