Today I wanna tell you about my favorite place in Bandung, Indonesia. Actually this is not my favorite place, but I like the building of this place. And the place is…


Mutiara Bunda Elementary School, my school when I was in 1st grade untill 6th grade.


It located in Jl. Arcamanik Endah no.3, Bandung. The building is quiet big, with 2 football fields, 1 basketball field, 1 hall, many class rooms, fish pound, canteen, and many more. But now, I just wanna tell you about 5 places here.


1. Gate


image (3)

This is the gate of my school. When I was here, the gate always closed at 7.30 am and I never come late (yeayy)


2. Football field

image (1)


This field usually used by 1st and 2nd grade because the field not really large. The place is in front of canteen. Sometimes, they play football, jogging, sprint, ‘bebentengan’.


3. Mushola 

image (2)


This mushola is used by security, guests, staff. I never pray here because I pray together with my friends in the class room. It located above the fish pond.


4. Hall

image (4)

Every friday, the students have assembly here like they perform drama in front of students. Grade 1 with grade 2, grade 3 with grade 4, grade 5 with grade 6.


5. Playground


Playground is used to play when we have free time or break. But this place only for grade 1 and 2. The place is located in front of grade 1 classes.


That’s all, I don’t have time to go to my old school so i took all of this picture from the school’s blog and google. Thanks for reading!


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