Hello!! I want to introduce my new friend (this is too late to post it here) eheh sorry.


Her name is Julia Rahmaningsih. She was born in Ambon (I forgot the date because I lost my notes, sorry Jul T.T). She moved to Yogyakarta (I don’t know when) and when she finished her school in elementary school, she moved to Bandung in SMPN 4 Bandung.

Her hobby is reading novels. And she likes mythology thingy like demi-god, greek’s gods and goddess, apollo, hades, aphrodite and I don’t even understand when she talking about that. But i think it was more fun than subjects in school HAHAHA.

Her favorite football club is Manchester United. So do I, but I don’t really like football. I guess she likes football a lot because she looks tomboy girl.


That’s all, I can’t tell more about her because yeah I lost my notes. Thank You!!


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