Hi guysss. Ssup? It’s been a long time (?) since my last post LOL. This time I wanna tell you about GAMARVANI, SMAN 3 Bandung’s event.

First, i wanna tell you what GAMARVANI’s means. “GAMA” means trip/journey and “PARVANI” means moon. So, we can say GAMARVANI means Trip To The Moon. It named GAMARVANI because it taken from folktale, the title is Nyi Anteh. The story’s about Nyi Anteh— Putri Endahwarni’s servant. They both are bestfriend. Endahwarni’s husband, Pangeran Anta Kusuma was falling love with Nyi Anteh. But Nyi Anteh didn’t want to betray Endahwarni so She prayed to God. Finally, God brought her to the Moon. When She missed earth she will make shawl. And every a full moon, she will appear on the moon.

On Saturday, I went to the event. I was happy because I thought it will fun. In the morning at 7.30 a.m, I wore kebaya because we held parade. I don’t like it because my legs weary and I don’t like wore kebaya. It end at 9.00 a.m. When we finished parade, I bought some foods there. I not really enjoy the place because that morning was very hot, so I change my clothes and I feel more comfortable. I was very bored there because the guest star will perform at night. I bought some drinks and I found that on my drink LOL.


Not long after that, I went to cinema with Afifah and Dewi, because I didn’t know what to do there (lapangan bali). We watched The Scorch Trials. I liked the film. We finished around 4 p.m. After watched, me and Afifah (Dewi go home) went to J.CO. Not long after that, my cousin picked up me and Afifah to the event back. I met my old friends there. I was very very happy! We enjoyed the event together.

When I arrived there, I watched T’ST performance. It’s cool!.Next, me and my friends sat under the trees because our legs hurt so we didn’t watch performs again until Adera. We watch it and WOW! I like the song. I took the photos when Adera sing.




Just 3 because I’m too busy took the videos ehe.

And next was the final. HIVI! OMG I like the song. I really enjoy HiVi’s performance. I just took a few photos because I only record it hehe


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